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Your life is busy with work and family. You need smart and simple investment solutions that will help you grow your savings but protect you from market downturns. Empire Life Guaranteed Investment Funds can provide you with valuable insurance benefits, including guarantees.

Are guaranteed investment funds for you?

They may be an appropriate investment option if:

  • You want to participate in the growth potential of the markets, but want downside protection. With guaranteed investment funds, you have a maturity benefit guarantee to protect your investment in all markets.
  • You are looking for estate planning benefits. Guaranteed investment funds offer a death benefit guarantee and by naming a beneficiary, the value of your investments can bypass probate, a public process that can be both costly and lengthy.
  • You are a small business owner or a professional. In addition to maturity and death benefit guarantees, guaranteed investment funds can offer potential creditor protection.

How guaranteed investment funds work

Guaranteed investment funds are available only through insurance companies as the investment option of an insurance policy. The policy can provide valuable benefits, including guarantees.

You don’t buy the fund units directly, but the units are used to determine the benefit value of your policy.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Select the level of capital protection you need with Death and Maturity Benefit Guarantees ranging from 75% to 100%1
  • Automatic annual Death Benefit guarantee resets lock in your market gains2
  • Get the valuable insurance benefits and tax advantages of guaranteed investment funds
  • Choose a range of investment options from fixed income to equity funds
  • Enjoy the benefits of our Empire For Life Loyalty Program

Get Empire Life Guaranteed Investment Funds working for you.

Empire Life Guaranteed Investment Funds provide investment choice and flexibility, combined with unique insurance benefits, resulting in a highly effective investment solution. Talk to your advisor for more information.

  1. Guarantees are reduced proportionately by withdrawals.
  2. Final reset on Annuitant’s 80th birthday.

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